Who the heck?

Rebecca Lochhead

Creative Director

Rebecca Lochhead

I’m the creative one. After working in the print and design biz for 10 years, I wanted to offer a much more integrated print service, and offer high quality results at very competitive prices.

0141 840 4905
88L Greenhill Road, Paisley, PA3 1RD
Garry Gilluley

Technical Director

Garry Gilluley

I’m the techy one. I've been at it even longer (15 years!) and realised I could run my own show and offer a more simple, quality-centric service that didn’t boggle customers minds.

0141 840 4905
88L Greenhill Road, Paisley, PA3 1RD

Why VariPrint?


Overnight Service

Most print companies shut their door at 5pm - even the online ones. We ain’t like that. Where possible, we’ll pull an all nighter when you really need it.

Eco Conscious

We use special inks to reduce wastage, our packaging is recycled, and we support the Scottish Wildlife Trust to help protect the environment.

Quality is Key

There’ll be no hot dog service from us. We take pride in every banner, canvas and flyer that leaves our print studio. This is the number uno concern of VariPrint.

Custom Orders

We try to list everything you might want on the site, but we know that sometimes you want something that ain’t off the rack. Give us a ring on 0141 840 4905.